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I’m proud to announce that my novel, THUNDER ON THE VELDT, will be released by in March 2014. Take a peek at the beautiful cover.
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I’ve been hooked on story-telling from the time I first heard the words, “Once upon a time…” Many years have gone by since then but the magic has never faded.

Reading opened up a whole new world—a world so vivid, so exciting, so real that there were times when I found it hard to adjust to the humdrum world around me when I turned the last page.

Books allow one to escape into a world without boundaries, where everything is possible and anything can—and often does—happen. Where you will not only meet new characters, but identify with them so strongly that their loves, hates, joys and sorrows become, for a while, your own.

Writing takes the experience of “living someone else’s life” up a whole new notch. When I sat down to write my first novel, I made a surprising discovery – that locked up inside my head were dozens, if not hundreds, of personalities all waiting to get out. I enjoyed setting them free (for a brief time) and hope that you, the reader, will enjoy meeting them in my novels.

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Stranger than Fiction

The weird, alien-looking plant came from nowhere. No one planted it but, one morning when I walked past the hedge surrounding my garden, there it was – a rampant creeper all but strangling the shrubs with a mass of heart-shaped leaves. But it wasn’t the leaves that caught my eye, it was the fruit hanging in profusion from the vine. Hundreds of pale yellow blobs covered with prickly spines. As they ripened, the skin burst open to reveal shiny, blood-red seeds. Quite revolting. photo0083

I shivered for they were like nothing I’d ever seen before, not in real life anyway. But in some strange way they seemed familiar. I wondered how that could be then it struck me—they resembled the deadly GMO I’d described in THE PEGASUS PROJECT. And, for just a moment, I allowed myself to consider the possibility that the figment of my imagination had come to life to haunt me.

It took time to identify the plant. No one I asked had ever seen the strange fruit and it took a scientist a good while to look it up in a reference manual. Turns out that the plant is indigenous to South Africa. In spite of its Afrikaans name, “Gif Appel,” the fruit is not poisonous. The Latin name is Momordica of the species Soetida.

The Pegasus Project is fiction. But fact can be stranger than fiction. Read THE PEGASUS PROJECT and find out what might happen if GMO research fell into the wrong hands. Available from

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